Life has become tough now with our lifestyle and the happenings around us. Few questions that popped in my mind a lot of times. Listing them down:

Are we paying enough attention to our surroundings?
Are we paying attention to the words?
Are we paying attention when somebody is talking? Are we listening?
Are we compassionate enough towards each other?
Are we living in a world where everyone matters?
Are we judging each other on their looks or personality?

There are so many questions, but do ask these questions to yourselves. Nobody is waiting for the answers. A little realization of what we are doing can make a big difference. Think and see if you are or aren’t doing the things that you should. You can make the world a better place to live and to make a change look within yourself. Appreciate the earth, appreciate your body, appreciate yourself, appreciate your friends, appreciate other human beings, and appreciate all the good things in your life. Start valuing small things, take responsibility for your being.

Everything can be good, the only thing is we need to take an initiative and stop thinking about what others are doing. Start thinking about what you are doing. It's crucial to make a difference.

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